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  • Nanning Express Hotel Xing\'an
  • ¥ 125
  • Xingan Zelin Hotel - Guilin
  • ¥ 148

Xingan Zelin Hotel - Guilin

Address:Shuangling Road, Xingan County, Guilin


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  • Xing An Dijing Hotel - Guilin
  • ¥ 238

Xing An Dijing Hotel - Guilin

Address:Lemandi 1, Zhiling Road, Xingan, Guilin


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  • Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel - Guilin
  • ¥ 796

Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel - Guilin

Address:Zhiling Road, Xing\'an County, Guilin, Guangxi China


The five-star Guilin Merryland Resort Hotel\'s construction exhibits the lofty traditional wood architecture, and the interior arrangements incarnate the Minority Dong\'s style. The hotel, which emphasizes the ethnic charm and diversity of this part of southwest China, offers 368 nicely furnished guest rooms.View Details

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